A Portrait of Eduard ~ X-Pro2 & Acros Film Simulation | Kevin Mullins

Eduard Grecu is the award winning head chef of the kitchens at the amazing Woolacombe Bay Hotel. He also happens to be a Fujifilm photographer himself, and a very good one he is too.  We became friends via this website and he very kindly invited my wife and I down to Woolacombe to shoot some behind-the-scenes documentary type images of the kitchen. I’d been contemplating shooting more personal work over the winter months and something that interests me, along with my Being British theme, is the idea of documenting the “behind the scenes” of everyday activities. Having worked in a kitchen myself when I was younger, I’ve remained fascinated by the industrious nature of them. I love how a team can seemly work together from prep through to plating and we, as the consumer, simply see a gorgeous plate of food……..

Source: A Portrait of Eduard ~ X-Pro2 & Acros Film Simulation