A Quick and Dirty Fuji X-Pro2 Review | Zander White

Just in case anyone at Fuji is listening, here goes. After a month of shooting with it, I absolutely love this camera. Enough that I’m seriously thinking about selling my Canon 5D3 AND all the L-glass I have (seriously, I really can’t see myself ever using that huge brick again).. So everything being great, let me list my complaints…. so you fix them! First the issues I have that cannot be addressed via firmware:

  • AF-L Button Placement
    This just sucks. NO WHERE NEAR correct placement. It should be somewhere your thumb naturally lands. I can’t even use back-button focus without practically dropping the camera. Swapping it with AE-L button is hardly any better..
  • Flimsy Memory Card Door
    Build quality on this cam is top notch, but this door is not up to par with the rest. It is creaky under pressure from the shooting hand. Probably only a matter of time before this needs a replacement……..

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