A Tale of Two Tele’s – Fuji Teleconverters | Jason Pitcher

A few months back I picked up the WCL-X100 for my Fuji x100s. This is the wide angle teleconverter that takes the built in lens from 35mm to 28mm equivalent focal length. Surprisingly, the maximum aperture of f2.0 is maintained, although whether through misdirection or skullduggery on the part of the manufacturer I will leave to people who care. I haven’t had much of a chance to use the converter in anger, with the day job taking precedence, but on the rare occasion I did play with it, it seems to do well enough. I knew I would have to wait for the right opportunity to put it through it’s paces though. Then Fuji announced the TCL-X100, a 50mm equivalent teleconverter, that again maintained the max f2.0 aperture. Some careful financial planning ensued, and stalking of B&H so that as soon as the pre order was open, I was on the list. I’d been using the x100s for environmental portraits, but wanted something a bit tighter that would give a little less distortion when used closer – it’s all about perspective. So, the two converters now in the bag, I’m off on a business trip to Asia Pacific, specifically China, a stopover in Singapore and a short stay in Australia……..

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Fuji WCL-X100

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