All lit up. An updated review of the Fujifilm X-E2 | Don Craig

Since writing a review, of sorts, of my first impressions of the new X-E2, I have had a chance to shoot extensively with the camera. In many situations and with every XF lens, except the 23mm and 27mm lenses. This experience has solidified my first impressions and further impressed me with this camera, but also with what Fujifilm has been doing with the X-camera family. For work, I have been using the X-E2 in a number of ways and with both zooms and two or three primes. Relying more and more on the OOC JPEGs, means that I have to get my exposure and white balance settings right before I shoot a job. That is one of the reasons I appreciate having two Fn buttons now. With the X-E2, I have one Fn button set up for WB and the other set up for multiple exposures. So, one is for work and the other is for play! Another feature that let’s me reliably shoot JPEGs for work now is the exposure preview. Since I was shooting without flash for all of these events, I kept the preview exposure in manual mode turned on. Switch to spot metering and I had a very good idea of what my final image would look like. If the image looks over exposed, then I meter off of a brighter area. Under exposed, then I meter off a darker area. The result is out-of-camera files that require very little post processing, which means faster delivery to my client and less time spent on the computer……

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