Analogue operations and a true X series „feeling“ | FUJIFILM

Following on from the X-Pro1, the X-E1 retained its operational feel; the hybrid multi-view finder changed to an EVF, we added a built in pop-up style flash, reduced the camera size and weight, and improved functionality and handling. Now we have the X-E2 launching, with a further evolution in features and handling. Die-cast Magnesium has been employed to combine weight reduction with strength for the upper control deck design unique to Fuji’s X-Series. A character line features on the front face, in order to decide whether or not to feature this line, real mock-ups were created – we wanted to find a design that was truly suited to the X-E Series. These mock-ups included a proposal without this line, a proposal containing a straight line, a proposition with a bend in the line, and so on. As the die construction of the final design plan is complicated due to the three-dimensional shape, the amount of work needed to be done by a craftsman after casting increased and subsequently the cost became higher. However, a very satisfying look descending from the X-Pro1 has been achieved, along with a non-intimidating image preserving the X series‘ sense of authenticity. In terms of colour variations, the “all-black” is discreet enough to blend into any situation and the high-grade “silver” turns the camera into an accessory that hang from your shoulder……

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