Back Button focus | Jay Farrell

Today, we are going to touch on back button focus, otherwise known as AF lock. The AF lock button is on the back of most modern SLR and mirrorless camera bodies, like on my Fuji XT-1. Image compliments of Fujifilm. So, what is AF lock / back button focus? I will explain it’s basic function and purpose without pixel peeper lingo (which is why I don’t do many photography articles anymore, and that seems to be the norm lately, lol) If you hit the AF lock button with your thumb, it’s the same thing as holding the shutter button down halfway to set your focus point. But it separates the Auto focus activation from the shutter button, by locking the focus point you select. This means that if you are taking possible multiple photographs of that subject, you can act in those decisive moments by only recomposing if needed, and not having to hunt for a new focus point. Simply hit the shutter button when ready to take the shot…….