Back to Square One | Danilo Piccioni

Like many people out there, I too have taught myself how to use a camera and take photographs the old fashioned way. Using analogic film. That was long time ago, I didn’t have a job and money was an issue, and with only 36 exposures to use each time I was out shooting, didn’t leave me a lot of room to experiment with, and the learning curve was everything but smooth and fast. Then one day, digital happened. Suddenly I found myself from being the poor self taught photography student to be a spoiled brat that could afford to shoot until his finger got tired of pushing the trigger down. I realised: I can finally experiment and really learn how to take the perfect exposure now, this is going to be fun! Unfortunately it did not work the way I planned. First of all the „new generation“ cameras were very different from what I was a costumed to: they were bulky extremely heavy and the setting were hidden deep down inside menus and hard to master. It was much more like learning a computer software instead…….


Fuji X-T1

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