Banging the drum for the M262: Leica’s new M9 |
Michael Evans

The Leica M Type 262 represents a welcome return to purity in M photography and it deserves to be the most popular model in the range. It has been described as a “stripped-down” M but this is a rather simplistic verdict. In reality, the 262 loses nothing that the typical rangefinder user wants or needs in a camera. So far, it is the nearest we have come to a digital version of a Leica film camera since the M9 and is all the better for it. Rather than being a stripped-down M240, the M262 is in reality a stepped-up M9. It is an M9, characterised by the stepped top plate, brought up to date and furnished with a CMOS sensor and a usable screen. It is the camera the M240 should have been……


Leica M-P 240

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