Best circular polarizer filter: 5 top models tested and rated |
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A circular polarizer filter can help you boost color and contrast. In our group test we seek to find the best circular polarizer for your needs.
When you browse sites like Flickr or the pages of a magazine and spot really striking landscape shots taken during the day, with bright blue skies, defined clouds and strong contrast, the chances are they’ve been taken by a pro using a high-quality circular polarizer filter. So what is a polarizer filter? Polarizing filters are a great addition to any photographer’s kit bag, because they’re brilliant at enhancing saturation and contrast, helping you to produce more vibrant images – while avoiding the need to use Photoshop! They work by selecting which light rays reach your lens, and will cut through haze, deepen blue skies and boost contrast to give your landscape and scenic shots added impact. They’re perfect for shooting buildings and cities on bright sunny days because they boost blue skies and increase edge contrast for more dramatic results. A polarizer filter can also cut through reflections in water – should you want to see river beds to give your landscape shots a different feel – and reduce unwanted reflections when shooting non-metallic shiny objects. A polarizing filter will also help to reduce the reflection and glare of bright, white light, meaning you don’t burn out your highlights so much…….

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