Bokeh Bomb – Fujinon 56mm F1.2 APD Review | Sven Schroeter

Before we begin, lets get one thing straight, we LOVE the standard 56mm lens! I hate to say it, but the APD evolution is going to have to be pretty special to rock the foundations of our existing relationship. Even after reading what wizardry lies within the 56mm APD lens, we still do not fully understand or comprehend how it was achieved. But for all practical purposes, the technical terms used to confuse us and describe the magic are meaningless if the promise of STUNNING bokeh is a lie! If you are interested in this lens, then you will understand why we chose to make all our review images with an F1.2 aperture (the lens’s maximum). For those who need a quick bokeh tutorial, are confused about aperture or need to brush up on some basics, we recommend reading ‚The Art of Bokeh‘ post before continuing on, you simply do not buy this lens unless you are obsessed with Bokeh! In combination with the X series electronic shutter and the supplied ND filter (freebee with the lens), there is no reason to twist the aperture ring off F1.2 (unless you are in the studio). The further away from F1.2 you go, the smaller the difference between the image created by the standard 56mm and the APD evolution becomes. So, if you are not a large aperture photographer and are not in search of the ultimate bokeh experience, the standard 56mm lens will still fulfill your wildest dreams and satisfy many clients! Keep that in mind, because there is a significant price difference between the two lenses……


Fujifilm Fujinon XF 56mm F1.2 APD

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