Brighton Rocks… and so does the Fuji X100T | Dave Young

Recently I had the pleasure of a couple of days away in Brighton, and couldn’t resist taking my recently acquired Fuji X100T along with me, which I am slowly falling for more and more. It’s the perfect day to day camera, light and easy to use, with sufficient control to give great photos as you want. Having bought the X100T one of the items I really wanted for it was the TCL-X100 – a tele converter lens adapter which takes it from an APSC 35mm to 50mm.  Now I love 50mm, I’ve shot more with this focal length than anything else, so when I bought the X100T, this was the one accessory that was required and to be honest, as much as I love the X100T, the TCL-X100 turns it into an almost perfect option for me.  It doesn’t appear to negate the quality of the images you get, and of course, with a few quick turns the lens is off and you go back to 35mm without fuss.  I’ll be writing up more of my thoughts on both the X100T and TCL-X100 in time as I get to know them better…….