Canon user in love for the Fujifilm X-T1 | Eye Aperture

I am a Canon costumer  (currently 5D III & 1DX) since many years  and during the last 10 months  i have been looking for a small camera which would be always with me but that could produce high quality files. At first i tried the EOS M, it was the most logical choice…. but frankly it was so disappointing both from the ergonomics and IQ point of view. Later on i got an A7r with the Metabone adapter, I didn’t go for the native lenses because they are way too slow(35mm 2.8 …seriously !!??).  The IQ of the Sony was great but using the camera was really kind of awkward (.. at list for me)  and frankly my Canon L lens +the adapter made the A7r almost as big as my 5D MK III :( When I saw the X-T1 i was immediately fascinated by the  concept. I got it a few weeks ago together with the 23mm, 35mm and 56mm and without any doubt i must confess that I am completely in love !!!! Great ergonomics, small package and from the little work i did with the raws I see great depth, great latitude, smooth tonality and as usual the awesome fuji colors! Before turning  to Canon I used to shoot with a Fuji S3 and S5 pro…It feels so right to be back in to the Fujifilm world……

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