Caravaners | Sven Schroeter

Lust for the open road has driven hard miles on the clock of this thunderous Nissan Gloria. Appropriately camouflaged by a wax finished, seaside tan, this sleek automobile is fueled by a straight four and has been pulling its weight in gold for decades.  Gloria has been delivering Little Miss Charlotte Cake and her burly protector from coast to coast throughout Aotearoa, provoking road rage in every convoy it lead. The travellers and sweet hearts from another era gave their 4×2 roller home its name after a pot hole incident back in 69 and Lilliput (short for little pot hole) has stuck ever since! Despite the modest accommodation and missing amenities, the living quarters are still respectably cosier than your typical Dunedin student flat. But do not let the exterior fool you, a fully stocked kitchen with all the essentials allows Miss Charlotte Cake to remain true to her heritage and master the housewife craft! After all, who else can whisk up a tray of triple chocolate chip muffins before bouncing through the next town……
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