Chefchaouen – The Blue Pearl | V. Opoku

Somethings are forever, they stay with us. The few days I spent in Chefchaouen (pronounced Shafshawan) during the summer of 2014 is one of those. Located in Northwest Morocco. This beautiful town sits beneath the raw peaks of the Rif mountains and has an absolutely stunning Medina where almost everything in the is painted in various shades of blue, from the walls, to doors & floors. The likes of Marrakesh and Fez seems to get the nod ahead of other smaller towns by people visiting Morocco. However I am more of a traveller than a tourist and that means I often venture along the path less travelled or do activities that most people don’t do. I travel to explore and experience different cultures. After spending 5 days in Southern Spain (Seville and Sanlucar de Barrameda) visiting a good friend of mine Fran, I realised how close I was to Morocco so I thought why not? „I am going to Morocco tomorrow“ I informed him. Armed with just a few Spanish phrases, I set off around 7 am on a bus from Sanlucar de Berrameda to Jerez. From Jerez, it was a train ride to San Fernando then a short taxi ride to the bus stop where I then caught another bus all the way down to Tarifa. Hours passed and I had finally completed the first leg of the trip; with just „Que autobus de Tarifa“ and a  few nods, I had managed to make it to where I needed be…..


Fuji X100S

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