COMMENT: AF+MF Mode Update on X-Pro1 and X-T1 | Jeff Carter

….When using AF to select the point of focus it is critical when using the fast aperture lenses such as the 35mm f1.4 and 56mm f1.2 that the focus point is checked to make sure the focus is spot on. By keeping the shutter release half pressed you can use manual focus to fine tune before fully pressing the release to take the shot. Using the Electronic View Finder (EVF) and Focus Peaking you can easily see where the focus needs to be adjusted if necessary. Now on the X-T1 the camera will ‚Focus Zoom‘ where the viewfinder automatically zooms in on the focus area so you can really see the focus point when using a very wide aperture. The X-Pro1 doesn’t have this ‚Focus Zoom‘ function and this has its plus and minus points. I will explain. When I use AF I sometimes point the AF point at the part of the image I want to the focus to be on, half press the shutter release to lock the focus and then recompose in the viewfinder. Now with the X-Pro1 this is still possible because you can see the whole image in the viewfinder. However on the X-T1 when the shutter is half pressed the Focus Zoom operates and you can’t see the whole picture, so my normal method of working is no longer permissible when using the AF+MF mode…….


Fuji X-Pro1

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