Commercial Photography with X100s ? | Ivan Joshua Loh

A few years ago, my first encounter with the Fuji X100 was actually by a window of a electronic store in a shopping mall. I have never own one; but the impression have left a deep footprint since. Love the whole retro design and the rather compactness of it. All the reviews can’t be wrong; great street camera indeed. Recently I was handed a X100s to test it out. The one feature that impresses me the most is the flash sync of 1/4000! As a commercial photographer this is a big deal to me. My Phase One medium format camera could only achieve a 1/1600 with the used of a leaf shutter lens and high speed sync transmitter. With that in mind I decided to do a big project with this little camera. I was cracking my brain trying to whip out an idea. Almost all the time when it comes to flash duration; one will see a model with water or paint splash on them in a dark studio environment……..


Fuji X100S

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