Comparing Apples and Pears – Fuji’s XT-1 v X-Pro1 | Dave Young

Having had my Fuji XT-1 for around 3 months now, it’s fair to say I’ve been itching to write a comparison review of it next to my well loved, but at times frustrating Fuji X-Pro1 for a while now. Following the recent firmware upgrade of both models, now seems to be a good time to re-appraise my thoughts on the X-Pro1 and how it fits in alongside the XT-1. I’ll warn you now though, this isn’t so much of a technical appraisal, rather a look, touch and feel kind of review. For sure, it appears my X-Pro1 has become something of a shelf queen. As much as it saddens me to say, when I reach for a camera now, it’s the XT-1 I reach for. With perhaps the exception of the X-Pro1’s fantastic looks, the XT-1 outperforms the X-Pro1 in almost every situation…….


Fuji X-Pro1

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