Comparing yourself won’t make you a better photographer | Faby and Carlo

I have often spoke about comparing yourself and how this can negatively affect you. Comparing yourself to other photographers has a lot of disadvantages. More importantly, comparing yourself rarely take into consideration one important detail: you. You are a unique person, with unique traits and capabilities. You have your unique story and an unique view of life. The moment you start comparing yourself, you remove what’s unique about you. You stop being a unique being, with a unique style, and you become one of the many. The worst thing is that you are bringing this on yourself by yourself. Why comparing yourself and your style won’t make you happy? The difference between comparing yourself and getting inspired is thin. A lot of photographers who tries to climb the ladder often saying: “I am getting inspired by other photographers”. Getting inspired and comparing yourself are often the same thing. Falling in a spiral when you are influenced by other photographs is very simple. Especially if you obsessively follow what they do. It is also something we often lie to ourself about…….

Source: Comparing yourself won’t make you a better photographer