Considering converting to the Fujifilm X series as a
professional Photographer? | Catherine Connor

Are you considering converting to the Fujifilm X series as a professional Photographer? This topic is triggering a great deal of discussion within the industry. Those converting to the X series are creating a real sense of intrigue and discussion, does size really matter? My inspiration behind this blog post is to trigger a additional conversation with our readers. Have you been tempted? Have you converted and why? We are really interested in your thoughts. Please share your observations and considerations, many professionals are taking the leap for others it’s just a step too far out of their comfort zone. Kerry Hendry is an exceptionally talented photographer; her fine art horse images, landscape and storytelling shots are breathtaking. Kerry captures atmosphere within her images, and as an avid traveller is constantly on the search for adventure. She needs a piece of kit that’s gives her freedom and liberty to shoot, when she wants and how she wants. I’ve worked with Kerry over the years and I’ve seen her slowly but steadily move over to Fuji X series kit. One of her key reasons to do so was that it she felt it actually liberated her photography. Kerry has been a real inspiration to the Aspire Team and those she has taught. What has Kerry’s transition taught us? …


Fuji X-T1

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