DSLR v Mirrorless v Medium Format | In My Bag

I’m Lukas Schweizer, I am a 20 years old, Swiss-based Portrait & Advertising photographer who loves to work and interact with people. Everything started when I was 8 years old, my Parents lent me their analogue Minolta SLR. Since then my passion for photography grew and grew. My first own DSLR was a Canon EOS 400D and then upgraded step by step to full-frame Canon DSLRs. At the end I was using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the Mark II. However,  I’d always wanted to go Medium Format, so I sold my beloved Mark II to purchase an old Hasselblad H1D with a 22 Back. I was blown away by the quality of the sensor from this old digital camera. The downside was that I have to use an ImageBank connected to the camera to capture any images. No CF-Cards or something else. At one point I wanted to upgrade to something more powerfull and modern. So I tested a few cameras such as Hasselblad, Phase One und Mamiya Leaf. I totally fell in love with the Mamiya Leaf System.  This upgrade changed my whole photography, my style and just everything. It was like a “reboot” and since then Photography become more than just a Hobby. After that I had the Chance to test the Nikon system, especially the Nikon D800 and it felt so good. So I switched completely from Canon to the Nikon brand. So the question everyone ask me is, which is best?  DSLR v Mirrorless v Medium Format?……..

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