Everyone is a photographer nowadays: get over it!

The meme “everyone is a photographer” is on the mouth of many so-called professional photographers. Too many times I have heard that the market is not good as “everyone is a photographer”. To all them I generally say: Get over it!. Nowadays everyone has an oven, but I don’t hear cooks complaining that people don’t eat at restaurants because everyone is a cook. The fact that everyone is a photographer is not true, the only true statement is that everyone has a camera, but the two things are not the same. Everyone is a photographer or everyone has a camera? Saying that everyone is a photographer implies that everyone has the technical and psychological know how to take amazing photographs. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but it takes time and energy and a lot of experience to know how to handle a camera. It takes even longer to be able to master the camera while directing a subject. It takes even more experience to feel confident enough to master the technicalities, directing a subject and capturing the right moment at the same time……..

Source: Everyone is a photographer nowadays: get over it!