Film Simulation, Revolution by Continuous Evolution | X Stories | FUJIFILM X

The new Film Simulation „ACROS“ has a good reputation, a real good one. We’ve heard people say they would buy the camera just for ACROS alone. We are flattered to hear such comment, but X-Pro2 is too good of a camera to only take monochrome pictures. There are also PROVIA and Velvia in addition to ACROS and B&W. Let’s also not forget about ASTIA, PRO Neg. Hi, PRO Neg. Std. and everyone’s favorite CLASSIC CHROME. These color film simulations also have evolved with the X-Pro2. One of the evolution is the toughness against color supersaturation. All color film simulations saw improvement in the regard, and it is particularly noticeable in Velvia. That vivid Velvia color is still maintained, but the change in color is more expressive with the new algorithm. You can say that it has more „depth“……


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