Finding Seoul with the Fuji XT1 & 56mm 1.2 | Blupace

Having owned the Fuji XT1 and 56mm 1.2 (none APD), for around 6 months, we thought it was about time to share our experience. A recent five day visit to Seoul, provided the perfect opportunity to compose a Blupace review. First some technical bits: Pictures are edited minimally in LR. Crop, contrast, Shadows, etc.. Captured as jpegs, with Monochrome+R filter, +2 shadows, +1 Highlights. We shoot full manual, back-focusing, with focus-ring and focus peaking. (Hovering over individual images, will provide camera setting). This will not be a technical review as there are many great sites providing this information. What we hope to provide, is more of an emotional review while exploring the city, navigating its metro, and meeting the people who live there…….


Fujifilm Fujinon XF 56mm F1.2

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