First days with the Fujifilm X-T2 | Michael Schaake

We, the Fuji users, have been reading so much about this camera for months now. And finally today Fujifilm announced the X-T2! As you might  know i am a official Fujifilm X-Photographer since April 2016. When Fujifilm asked me to participate in beta testing the new camera i was more than happy! On the 20th April i got a package from Fujifilm Germany – just one day after my birthday – what a timing ;-) No need to read the rumors anymore…i already had the camera in my hands…what a fantastic time ;-) Please remember: The camera i got and used until today is a pre-production unit. Features and image quality might not be final! This will not be a technical review of the X-T2. Instead i will try to let you participate in my experience with the X-T2, how i see the camera and how it evolved over the time i used it. Even though my English is far from perfect i hope you enjoy the blog post!…..

Source: First days with the Fujifilm X-T2