First time Fuji User. A Fuji XE-2 Review | DIY Photography

Out of the box the camera looks very sleek. It has a very nice built, and doesn’t feel like a toy camera unlike some DSLRs that are made out of plastic. Coming from a DSLR space, I seemed lost at first on how to control the exposure modes, shutter speed, aperture and ISO and took a while to figure things out, but once you get used to it it’s very easy to use. I thought that I would get a smaller lens because it’s a smaller camera, but the 18-55 is almost the same size as the Nikon and Canon kit lenses, yet f/2.8-4 is for sure better than f/3.5-5.6. I really liked how light the camera was and I actually want to bring this camera on my trips because of its small form factor (unlike walking around with a D3s and a 24-70 Nikon lens), the only thing that isn’t that comfortable is the way the camera is help, I might need to buy those leather grips if it helps…….


Fuji X-E2

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