Fishy Business (with the Samyang 8mm f/2.8 for Fuji-X) | Vassilios Zacharitsev

Fisheyes are a controversial breed of lenses; some love them, others hate them. Main criticism about their use is that they end up producing a trite looking result. Critics find their output too recognizable to be original. They also regard them as an sensationalist item, hiding true photographic talent. At which point I have to wonder what’s „original“ with the standard 50mm lens. Or what about shooting everything at ultra shallow DoF and „true photographic talent“. But I digress. Fisheyes, are simply ultra-wide lenses where, by design, no distortions are corrected optically. In fact, we are commonly talking about „rectilinear“ fisheyes, which are most common, although spherical fisheyes also exist. Rectilinear fisheyes actually „stretch“ the image circle over the whole image frame…….

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