Freezing summer | Robert-Paul Jansen

Last summer we went to the coast of Zeeland, the region situated in the southwest of our country, near Belgium. Zeeland has always been my second home. Since I was born I basically went there every weekend with my parents until I was older and went on holidays abroad. Last few years my wife and I returned a few times because we (us and the kids) really enjoy this place. I really love the fresh wind coming from the ocean and the rhythmic sounds the waves produce. That’s one of the reasons I experimented with long exposure photography: my love for the mystic ocean. I wanted to capture the eternity and silence of the ocean with 20 to 30 second long exposures, but I also wanted to capture the movement of it by experimenting with shorter exposure times. Long exposure photography seems perfect in both cases. We had a bit of overcast weather during the first week of the holiday, but my experience is that this is even better for long exposures. The basics of long exposure photography are pretty basic. Set your camera to 100/200 iso, aperture of 16 and set the timer to corresponding time. But it’s the finesse and the experience that counts. And when that timer goes from 30 to zero, it feels a bit like developing film. You get a great feeling when that beautiful photo appears on your screen………


Fuji X-T1

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