From DSLR to Fuji | Klayfe Rohden #X-T10

I am Klayfe Rohden, a 40 years old brazilian, full time photographer since three years ago, married with Alessandra, father of Camilla (14) and Klayfinho (4) years. I am a musician (pianist) and music producer since my 16 years old, Video Producer and Designer, graduated in Technologist in UNIT (Tiradentes University), in Aracaju / Sergipe. Photography was a gift that refined my gaze to journalism videos and music clips that I worked on. At some point I needed good pictures and I had to go by myself and do them. It made me get closer to friends who had more knowledge, handouts, books and workshops, until the passion turned profession. I started with a Nikon DSLR D300s, then I had the D600, and D800, and my last DSLR was the D750 (one of the best DSLR cameras I’ve ever had)……..