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This small 18mm F2.0 is a leading Fuji XF targets placed on the market and therefore one of the oldest with the 35mm F1.4 . It is built entirely of metal, including his visor, which has the same look as the film 35 mm. Become rare thing today at Fuji as all shades are made of plastic. The aperture (f /) is controlled directly on the lens. The gear seems to me neither too soft, as is the case on all 14mm F2.8 I’ve tried, not too strong, maybe even too much. As for the development of wheel it seems quite smooth and precise. Thank you, by the way, to „focus peaking“ X-E2. The front lens does not move when in focus as the 35mm. The 18mm is stationary. It is relatively quiet; more than 35mm is more noisy (this is relative). Fuji 18mm F2.0 is not too much angle (~ 27 mm). This is a rather special focal apart. It can therefore be used for group photos and landscapes, but also for the „not too close“ portrait to avoid deforming the subject; as well as for street photography (although I know some street photographers swear by the 35mm focal length [23mm Fuji]……..

Source: blog.k-pture.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 18mm F2.0

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