Fuji 35 f/2 v. 18-55/XF | Black & White project

Did I mention I grabbed the 35/2 Fuji WR as soon as I was done writing that post the other day?? Sorry either way well, it came today. I thought I would do a seriously quick comparison for anyone out there that has the 18-55 and has an itch to grab a 35 prime normal lens for their kit. You may or may not be surprised by the results. Take them for what they’re worth but I don’t see a whole lot I didn’t expect. Oh shit, not frigging flowers. Sorry about that too. Nobody but the plants around at the moment. I’m supposed to be working on client stuff right now but just had to blow out a few frames under non-clinical conditions before I get on a train tomorrow and play hooky for the better part of a week. Unlike last time I ski-dattled I’ll be making tons of pictures on this mini-trip out of town. I think…..

Source: Fuji 35 f/2 v. 18-55/XF