Fuji RAW v JPEG : Using the Fujifilm X-Series X-Trans Sensor | Kevin Mullins

I’v been having the Fuji RAW v JPEG discussion with people ever since I first picked up the original Fuji X100 around four or five years ago. Whilst the original incarnation of the X100 needed a little refinement in terms of AF and handling, the one thing that immediately captured my attention was the JPEGs that the camera produced. Initially, I shot everything in RAW, and yet I could see these glorious technicolour previews in the viewfinder, or the deep lush monochrome images.  When I’d bring those images into Lightroom, it would tantalisingly, and very briefly, show me those previews before cruelly ripping them away and revealing the core components of the RAW file. I had a long-standing love/hate relationship with JPEG files from my Canon days.  As you may know, I’m predominately a wedding photographer and as such, workflow and time management are critical. I’d chosen to shoot RAW+JPEG with my Canon system partly as a backup mechanism, but mostly because I really wanted the camera to do as much of the processing for me as possible.  The Canon system was close, and using its Camera Faithful profiles I at least had a good baseline for my JPEGs.  But they always still needed editing and then, apart from it being a case of speed (storage, download time etc), I may as well have simply used the RAW files…….

Source: f16.click

Fuji X-T1

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