Fuji VG-XT1 Grip | Chris Dodkin

The X-T1 is a self contained camera, but it does have a couple of options for additional hand grips, the larger of the two being the VG-XT1 vertical battery grip. The grip has the same fit and finish as the camera, and attaches via a built-in knurled  knob which threads into the camera’s tripod bush. The grip has a set of control suit-in for portrait shooting, and a 2nd battery slot, so needs a multi-connector to communicate with the camera. The camera’s connectors are hidden under a small rubber plug, and the plug has a little recess in the grip to keep it safe, so you don’t loose it. The side of the grip has a battery door, ready for the standard NP-W126 battery. This battery takes priority over the one in the camera, so will be used first, before the in-camera battery gets depleted…..

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