Fuji X-E2 – Review and User Experience | David Taylor-Hughes

Somewhat ahead of expectations stocks of the X-E2 have arrived in the UK. After some careful consideration (Unusual for me!) I have decided to go with Fuji in addition to my Panasonics for a while. I still have issues with the Fuji X system as a whole – battery life, fiddly processing, gaps in the lens range being three of them. But overall it is a system that suits me. The overiding reason here is the exemplary high(er) ISO performance that allows me to shoot beautifully clean images up to ISO 800, with all that implies for fast shutter speeds and narrow apertures. Plus it has to be said at a reasonable cost. The X-E2 body cost me £800. Contrast that with an Olympus E-M1 body which is currently £1300 here in the UK. So do you get more for your money with the E-M1? Well that’s down to personal preference. As far as I’m concerned the Olympus has a tilting screen and in body IS, neither of which bother me, so what could justify the extra £500 for me? Well it might have been argued that the E-M1 has faster AF and a better screen and EVF. However from my initial time with the X-E2 those arguments might be dissipating somewhat. The X-E2 AF is certainly an improvement over the X-E1. Much snappier. It is in fact now pretty quick. As quick as the Olympus? ……


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