Fuji X Lens Astrophotography | Jason Pitcher

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at Astrophotography for ages. One small barrier is that I live in Houston, Texas and light pollution in Southeast Texas is, errr, prolific. A look at the map of light pollution shows that to get anything approaching a dark sky you have to head west – a long way west. So when I knew I had a business trip to San Antonio coming up, with several days there and a modicum of free time, I started planning. Using the extremely good advice from Ian Norman at Lonely Speck, I checked weather and viewing condition forecasts and made a plan to head out of San Antonio on I-10, then drive into the hills to the west. I hunted on google for suitable places, but there isn’t much documented out there, so I wasn’t going to get something interesting in the foreground like some photographers manage. I didn’t mind, this was a learning trip for me. I left San Antonio, headed out to a speck on the map called Garven Store, the headed south on highway 83. At around 00:30, I stopped at a roadcut where I could be safely off the road, and admired the beautiful night sky……..

Source: jasonpitcher.com

Fuji X-Pro1

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