Fuji X-Pro1 Review – Hands-On in Dubai | Michael R. Cruz

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I have to applaud Fujifilm for building cameras like this; Cameras that are not just technologically advanced but cameras with soul—with character. The Fuji X-Pro 1 is for those who demand image quality with the versatility of changing lenses. It is for those who want to travel light and for the street photographers who want a small but very capable system. I personally believe that mirrorless cameras are the future and soon we won’t need to lug around with kilos of DSLR equipment to go with serious photo shoots. I am not saying you should sell your DSLR right now and get a mirrorless camera, my point is, at some point in time, that primitive mirror, slapping back and forth inside all our DSLR should evolve into something more advanced and a lot more portable.

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