Fuji X-Pro1 – Should you still buy one? | Dave Young

For a camera that is just 3 years old the Fuji X-Pro1 is one of those cameras that polarises opinion in so many ways. First announced back in January 2012 and launched in March 2012, the X-Pro1 is likely to go down as a classic. It was the flagship model that fully launched Fuji into interchangeable lens systems and in part thanks to the hybrid viewfinder allowing photographers the option of choosing between an optical finder (OVF) and an electronic view (EVF), along with previews of depth of field and white balance.  It’s a camera that in many ways is tough to better and for many Fujiholics, the wait continues for the release of the X-Pro2, a new improved X-Pro1, once more trail blazing the Fuji name. The question many still ask though, is should you still invest your money in an X-Pro1 now, with Fuji moving forward with revised technology, and the X-Pro1 slowly getting left behind. The release of Fuji’s XT-1 certainly upped the game for Fuji, even though the styling was somewhat different to the X-Pro1. It features no rangefinder style cues like the X-Pro1 has but the technology is certainly a step on from the X-Pro1………

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