Fuji X-Pro2, A Love-Hate Relationship | Joel Wolfson

This is a brief bottom line story from my perspective as a full time professional photographer. I won’t go into every feature and setting as there are many solid reviews out there covering this. I want to address some aspects of real life use of the camera and especially aspects I haven’t seen addressed much in other reviews or profiles of the X-Pro2. I have always loved using rangefinders. Though mostly Leica, I’ve owned and used  many rangefinder cameras over the years. The Fuji X-Pro2 is an absolute pleasure to use. I love the OVF (optical viewfinder) when using lenses up to 56mm (85mm full frame equivalent.) And you can’t beat the ingenious “ERF” (electronic rangefinder). This is a small picture-in-picture window with a magnified view of the focus area in the lower right for critical focus. It’s amazing and wonderful to be able to instantly switch to the EVF (electronic viewfinder) for a more conventional mirrorless viewing experience with longer lenses or just if you want to. This is one of the few digital cameras I’ve owned (I’ve been shooting digital since the early 90s) with useable JPEGs and I especially like the Acros option. This option is a digital simulation of Fuji’s renowned black and white film of the same name……..

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