Fuji X-Pro2 Review Part Three: Vancouver Cityscapes,
Long Exposures, and Street Photography | Ian MacDonald

My original plan for part three of this Fuji X-Pro2 review series was to focus 100% on street photography.   Things changed for me a little though because of the weather on the days I went out to shoot.  The clouds were beautiful, the blue hour light was gorgeous, etc.   These conditions just begged to be shot, so I have included some of those photographs in this part of the review too.  Let’s just think of it as a using the Fuji X-Pro2 in the city” kind of review. Long Exposures: Those amazing clouds I mentioned have unfortunately brought us a lot of rain lately (welcome to life on the “wet” coast).   It was dry and sunny yesterday though, with a fairly strong breeze that was pushing the clouds across the city. The combination of sunlight reflecting off of high rises and moving clouds  always makes for some great architectural long exposure opportunities……..

Source: ianmacdonaldphotography.com