Fuji X-Pro2 Review | PicToPro

A long-awaited update to the popular X-Pro1, the Fuji X-Pro2 addresses many of its predecessor’s issues and debuts a handful of brand new technologies. Fuji’s X-Pro1 was a camera that appealed to many, with its classic styling, flexible hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder and unique X-Trans sensor technology setting it apart from many other compact system cameras. It won fans from wedding, landscape and street photography circles, although it wasn’t without its criticisms, with its AF system and video functionality getting particular attention for the wrong reasons. Fujifilm attempted to rectify some of these issues through a slew of firmware updates, but after four years a new camera is required to compete with rival models. And here it is, the X-Pro2, sporting a brand new sensor, an updated viewfinder and many improvements to its AF functionality as just the tip of its changes…….

Source: pictopro.com