Fuji X-Pro2 review with 20 high res sample images | Damien Lovegrove

For some months now I’ve been testing the Fuji X-Pro2. I am 1 of 100 photographers around the world commissioned to take a photograph on Fujifilm’s latest X series camera for an exhibition in Tokyo. As well as shoot for the exhibition I took the opportunity to put this camera through it’s paces and here are my findings after 2000 frames of usage. I will spare you the obligatory list of specifications as the interweb will be be full of them by now. Instead I’ve decided to share a selection of portraits from my latest shoots taken in the studio and on location. Sometimes my choice of settings could have been better but these shots are regular ‘run of the mill’ type samples. These are all in camera jpegs with the camera settings defining the look. As Lightroom doesn’t recognise the RAF files yet I decided to just use jpegs rather than use a Beta version of Silkypix. I’ve not assigned any noise reduction in Lightroom and left the NR camera setting at -4. I love a bit of grain anyway and at least you can see the detail accurately. Some shots have had a tweak or two including a bit of cropping and straightening but generally I got the look you see here in camera using the white balance, film simulation and tone controls as required. Ctrl click or right click any of the numbered images and select ‘open linked file’ in a new tab to access a full resolution version of the shot……..

Source: www.prophotonut.com