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The X-T1 is a fairly simple camera to use once set up due to the direct access dials, aperture ring, function buttons and set of 7 custom settings presets that can be programmed in. It is worth spending some time setting up the camera in the menus to make the best of what is there and to enhance the shooting experience by making functions and settings available at the touch of a button rather than by delving into menus.  What follows are my suggestions that can either be copied or used simply as an idea for someone keen to program their own settings. Table assumes options available after firmware update of December 2014.  Prior to this update, setting 2 has Provia and auto DR set. The above table shows the custom settings that I have programmed in, which allow me to shoot jpg files of almost any subject or scene I come across.  There are 7 custom settings available and these are accessed via the “Q” menu button.  If you leave the cursor on the top left position in the Q menu by default, that simply allows scrolling through settings 1-7 as soon as the Q button is pressed.  You can of course move it to tweak any of the settings within each custom setting.  If you make any changes here during a shoot (for example, you change film simulation or the DR setting), the camera will go back to the original specified settings that you programmed in after it is switched off or another custom setting is selected…….

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Fuji X-T1

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