Fuji X-T1: Gallery expanded with high ISO, long exposures and
more | Mike Tomkins

If you’ve been waiting for the second part of our Fuji X-T1 Shooter’s Report, there’s good news. It’s coming soon, and in the meantime, I’ve just uploaded another batch of gallery images to tide you over. As with the shots from my previous Shooter’s Report, these new additions were all shot during my recent vacation in Hong Kong. Among the 20 new Fuji X-T1 photos I’ve uploaded, there are a selection of night, high sensitivity and long exposure shots, as well as a couple of in-camera panoramas. (Not to mention some of the vivid neon lighting that Hong Kong is famous for.) And raw files are also available for most of the shots, as well as a couple of versions tweaked in Photoshop, and a three-shot bracketed series stacked in Unified Color’s HDR Expose……

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