Fuji X-T1 Mechanical vs Electronic Shutter High Speed Results |
Mike Miriello

Believe it or not, both of these shots are of the same thing (a box fan), taken for the same duration of time (1/4000 of a second), yet the top image looks like something out of a science fiction movie and the bottom image looks like a box fan. So….what’s happening here? Well, this all started with a Reddit post I did a few days back (link) where I asked the /r/photography community why the Fuji X-T1’s new electronic shutter mode forced the camera’s flash settings into suppressed mode. Basically, why won’t the camera let the flash fire when the electronic shutter is activated? Well, the community answered and I learned a great deal about how different the mechanical shutter and the electronic shutter function differently……..

Source: www.thedowntowncreative.com

Fuji X-T1

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