Fuji X100 WCL – Wide Conversion Lens Review | Colin Nicholls

Here is a short review of the Fuji WCL, I don’t bother with charts and all that so it’s just a few photos of the kit, what I think about it and a healthy dose of sample images, all images are shot RAW and edited in Lightroom. I’M WORKING WITH THE ORIGINAL X100. The Fuji WCL will turn your X100’s 35mm field of view into a 28mm [full frame equivalent] whilst keeping it an F2 lens and retaining the fuji quality, it screws on nice and simply, you then tell the camera it’s there and away you go. Its a nice small attachment that adds a good bit on length to the X100’s lens, allowing you (as with the TCL)  to hand hold it with the left hand and have a bit more support. Here is a comparison between the 18mm F2 and this WCL I’ve set them up the same so you can see the difference, they are both shot RAW and edited in Lightroom, apart from a bit of colour difference [not sure whats going on there] they are very similar…….

Source: www.colinnichollsphotography.com