Fuji X100S – The Kit I Use | Jason Pitcher

As with most things, the Fuji X100s, while fantastic out of the box, can always use a few bits and pieces to enhance the abilities of the camera to match ones vision. I’ve had a chance to work with the camera on some trips to China and Germany, so I’m getting more confident and familiar with the camera. I even shot a wedding with it in Germany, and I’m thrilled with the cameras performance. Not so much with mine, I’m not a wedding shooter, but the camera performed flawlessly. The reason for this camera’s existence in my world is that I need something small and portable when I don’t want to, or its impractical to, drag my main DSLR kit around. So anything I add will have to fit this minimalist theme. Starting from the camera, the very first thing added was a lens hood. I’m too cheap to spring for the genuine Fuji version, so I have an Ebay special, the JJC LH-X100 with the filter adapter (the link is to Amazon, who can now supply for $15 at time of writing). I also bought a couple of spare batteries with the camera, both off brand for $15, a quarter of the price of the genuine article. No issues with them so far……

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