Fuji XF 10-24MM f4: Shooting Architecture | Marco Sobrevinas

Fuji’s X series lens lineup (including Zeiss’s three X mount lenses) is one of the primary reasons the system has been so well received by both professionals and informed enthusiasts.  Even their first-generation line-up of primes performs very well, especially with all of the firmware updates. Like Patrick, I’ve been a decades-long, Leica M user (almost 30 years) and have a penchant for primes rather than zooms.  Working professionally for 26 of those years, however, meant that I used my fair share of zooms as well.  So while I have a sentimental attachment to the rangefinder film camera and prime lenses, when I’m working for pay, I won’t hesitate to use any tool (digital, zooms, post-processing software) to improve my efficiency and the quality of the images I’m providing to a client………

Source: findingrange.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF10-24mm F4.0

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