Fuji XF60mm f/2.4 R Macro: A Lens Re-visited | Dave Young

With the release of the X-pro1, Fuji released 3 prime lenses for their interchangeable lens system cameras, the 18mm, 35mm and 60mm.

With a 35mm focal equivalent view of 90mm, Fuji’s 60mm lens was the ideal portrait lens, together with having the ability to be useful as a macro lens offering a 2:1 ratio for macro use. It’s ability to shoot sharp is well known with many top Fuji professionals once favouring it as their go to lens, however it’s ability to focus fast in anything other than good light has been questioned and with the release of the razor like 56mm f/1.2, the 60mm is less popular than it once was. Last Christmas, I had an opportunity to try the 60mm for a few days and loved it. OK, so the focussing wasn’t lightning quick, but it was OK and the rendered images made up for it. At the time I’d have bought one there and then given the right incentive. Since then I’ve changed my criteria of shooting and with the XT1, been giving serious consideration to the 56mm. The perfect lens for portraiture work, and super fast with its f/1.2 aperture and its ability to melt away backgrounds. However, a very lightly used 60mm became available at just a third of the cost of a 56mm, and so this seems to work all ways……..

Source: daveyoungfotografia.co.uk

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 60mm F2.4

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