Fuji X-Pro2 High ISO Review | Michael Gane

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to emphasise that this is my blog about the Xpro2, my thoughts on the quality of this camera, please don’t expect some major technical information, if you want this then there are plenty of full on reviews, this blog has become very popular however its just my thoughts that i decided to write, so there wont be hundreds of images, just the one, I don’t pixel peep so there isn’t  any full crop, I just wanted anyone who happens to read this blog know that I think the camera is superb and I love it! We’ve all seen the reviews about the release of the new Fuji Xpro2 camera, yep, I’ve read just about ever one, lots of technical stuff about the all new censer etc etc but what I wanted to know was, what are the images like, how fast does this thing focus and please someone show me how good the ISO performs?……..

Source: www.thefxworks.co.uk