Fujifilm 90mm f/2 Review | MirrorLessons

The Fujinon XF 90mm f/2 was the third portrait lens released by Fujifilm in addition to the 56mm twins (non-APD and APD versions). It was announced last year in May and we had the chance to see a pre-production model during our trip to Toronto thanks to the kind people at Fujifilm Canada. Today we’ve finally had the chance to publish our full review! Thinking in 35mm format terms, the lens has almost the same field of view as a 135mm lens which is a focal length often used for portraits. A focal length like this can be an addition or an alternative to the classic 85mm or 100/105mm lens, and can be very useful for genres other than portraits as well! The Fujinon 90mm has an all-metal build and is completely weather sealed against moisture, dust and cold down to -10°C. The lens weighs half a kilogram but remains reasonably compact for an APS-C lens. I didn’t find it uncomfortable to carry around and you can fit it easily enough inside a medium sized bag. The length of the lens extends considerably with the provided plastic hood……..

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