Fujifilm announces the XM-FL, X-Mount lens with four filter types built-in |
Michael Archambault

Today, Fujifilm Japan has announced an exciting new addition to the Fujifilm X-mount lineup, the XM-FL. This newly announced lens is more equivalent to a toy lens than something we would generally expect from Fujifilm’s Fujinon division; it is a body cap style lens with four different filters types built into the unit. The XM-FL weighs only 32g, and Fujifilm says that it is designed to be carried around with ease. Featuring a 24mm f/8 lens and three different shooting filters – it sounds like a fun little experimental lens to carry around. The XM-FL boasts a number of different filters including a protection filter (similar to a UV filter), cross filter, soft filter, and two different lens covers. It is important to note that the lens does not communicate any electronic information to the camera; this means that there is no autofocus, and the camera will read the lens’ F value as “F0”……..

Source: fujibuzz.com